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Ep 13, Bahamas to St Augustine

Planning for my passage from The Bahamas to St Augustine Florida, including stowing the dinghy on deck, preparing the boat for passage, my go-bag, weather, navigation, and sleep.

The Gulf Stream Current, screenshot from Windy

Ep 12, Peter Lawless 3

Peter is preparing for another attempt to sail around the world singlehanded and nonstop on his Rival 41, Waxwing. We talk about Portugal, orcas, communications, reefing, whisker poles, downwind sail configurations, heavy weather, wildlife, books, AIS, radar, solar power, dinghies, anchors, safety, and much more.

Ep. 10 and 11, Arctic Explorer Matt Rutherford

Matt is the only person ever to have circumnavigated the Americas nonstop and singlehanded. He now runs a sailing research vessel in the arctic. We talk about sailing as an escape from street life, falling in love with nature, arctic research and exploration, setting up a boat for long journeys, reefing, Blondie Hassler, his Bruce Roberts 650 research vessel, and much more. Explicit language warning.


Ep. 9, Robin Davie, GGR Competitor

Robin Davie is a veteran of three solo circumnavigations in the BOC races. He has been preparing for the GGR for six years. We talk about getting his boat ready, past circumnavigations, storm tactics, safety, getting through difficult times, wildlife encounters, whales, bottom paint, propellers, and much more.


Ep. 8, Bahamas Update

In this mid-week mini-episode, I talk about painting my propeller, sailing plans, writing a book with Tapio Lehtinen, and the bonus episodes I am putting on Patreon. Patrons can ask me to talk about anything they are curious about, and I will discuss it in a bonus episode, accessible only to Patreon patrons. This week's bonus episode on Patreon is in response to Jay, who wanted me to talk about selecting anchorages based on weather. Find a Patreon link at the bottom of every page of my website to join and become a patron. You will get access to the bonus episodes regardless of the amount you pledge.

I said it was Petit in the podcast, but it was Interlux

Here I am at my low-tech podcast studio.

Ep. 6 and 7,
Julie Bradley, Author and Circumnavigator

Julie is the author of "Escape from the Ordinary," "Crossing Pirate Waters," and "May Day May Day, Mariners Guide to VHF Radio." We talk about transitioning between a military life to a cruising life, marinas, gear, ketches, safety, Amel sailboats, when not to abandon ship, UFOs, books, writing, cruising, fishing, ciguatera, and much more.

Julie Dinghy.jpg
Mayday Mayday Back Cover 2022.jpg

Ep. 4 and 5, Kirsten Neuschafer, PEI to Cape Town

Kirsten is an entrant in the 2022 Golden Globe Race, a solo circumnavigation race that starts this September. She just completed a journey in her boat from Prince Edward Island, Canada, to Cape Town, South Africa. We talk about the journey, which started in a gale under storm trisail, and her preparations for the race.

Kirsten's Cape George 36, Minnehaha, which she will sail around the world in the 2022 GGR

Ep. 3, Guy Waites, Preparing for the GGR

Guy Waites is a competitor in the upcoming Golden Globe Race - a solo circumnavigation in traditional cruising boats limited to 1968 technology. We talk about his sailing experience, his boat, sailing from Panama to the UK, safety, reefing, rigging, heavy weather, who is going to win, and much more!

Guy Waites 1.jpg
Guy Waites 2.jpg

Ep. 2, Lia Ditton, Row Lia Row!

Lia is a solo sailor and a long-distance rower, and she recently rowed all the way from California to Hawaii. We talk about being an athlete, training, meal replacements, sleep, rowing, navigation on the rowboat, yoga, breathing, fear, sharks, solitude, solo sailing, and much more!

Lia Ditton, roliarow
Lia Ditton, roliarow
Lia Ditton, roliarow
Lia Ditton, roliarow

Ep. 1, Out Chasing Stars

Amy Alton, aka Liz Alden, has circumnavigated on a catamaran and written 4 books. We talk about anchoring in The Bahamas, her catamaran, sailing the new boat to Miami from France, using radar, obstacles in SE Asia, safety gear and protocols, Nova Scotia, writing as a way to earn money while cruising, octopuses, making time to write, writing technique, learning to write, and much more.

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