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This sailing nonfiction adventure story begins in Massachusetts with the purchase of the author's boat, Windflower, a 1972 Cartwright 40. The story follows sailing the boat from there to the Chesapeake Bay in October, with two crew. From there the author sails alone for the rest of the book. The next passage is a cold one, to Beaufort, North Carolina, in December, during which the author has a bit of problem solving to do along the way. The final problem requires getting in the water immediately upon arrival. From Beaufort begins a seven-day offshore passage to Eleuthera, which is almost cut short due to one of many mechanical failures, but with some creative problem solving, the passage is completed. The author spends four months in The Bahamas, exploring Eleuthera, the Exumas, and the Abacos. All the anchorages are described, as well as spearfishing, snorkeling, and surfing locations. The Covid-19 pandemic begins while the author is in the Abacos, which are already nearly devoid of cruisers due to the lingering destruction of Hurricane Dorian, from the previous year. The final passage is a stormy one, from the Abacos to St Augustine, Florida. Many photos are included, and a video of the passage to Eleuthera is on YouTube, and is referenced in the book. This is poetic and immersive sailing nonfiction, but also full of useful information, mostly regarding cruising in The Bahamas.

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