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Dream Chasers and Eccentrics is a podcast where I interview extraordinary people who have forged their own way and succeeded, will succeed, or barely lived to tell the tale. I ask questions about how they developed the dream, how they got started, pitfalls they saw and avoided, how they developed necessary skills and knowledge, how they stay sharp and ahead of the game, how they plan to succeed or continue to succeed. It's all about helping you, the audience (and me!) learn from their successes and failures. Remember, foolish people keep making the same mistakes, smart people learn from their mistakes and successes, and extraordinary people learn from the mistakes and successes of both themselves and of others. That is what Dream Chasers and Eccentrics is all about!

Ep. 17, Sober and Happy with Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips is the host of the Sober and Happy Podcast. I found him on Instagram (@iamsoberandhappy) and liked his message. He and I are both recovering alcoholics, so we had lots to talk about, including rehab, hangovers, detoxing, other drugs, suicide, change, growth, travelling, having fun while sober, cravings, temptation, changing your identity, rebuilding a social life, facing fears, removing the sigma and shame of alcoholism, living a fulfilled life, chasing dreams, saying yes more often, creating positive ripples, and much more!

Tim Phillips, Sober and Happy, iamsoberandhappy, Sobriety

Ep. 16, Kickboxer JC Leuyer

JC Leuyer is a former kickboxing champion, and currently a stuntman and actor. We talk about martial arts, training, competing, knocking people out, getting knocked out, the value of making friends and helping others, working as a stuntman, and much more. 

Ep. 15, Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy

Captain Ky lives on a sailboat and makes his living from finding and selling sea glass. We talk about buying a cave in Hawaii, selling it and buying a sailboat, finding a sea glass beach, starting a business collecting and selling sea glass, sea glass tours, where sea glass comes from, sea glass mules, sea glass treasure maps, helping others, cloning a dog, and much more! This is the second half of the interview. The first half is all about sailing, and is on my other podcast Offshore Sailing and Cruising with Paul Trammell.

Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy
Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy, Sea Glass, seaglass
Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy
Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy, Sea Glass, seaglass

Ep. 14, Author Libbie Grant

Libbie Grant, who also writes under the pen nam Olivia Hawker, writes Literary Fiction and Historical Fiction, and is a best-selling author. I recently read her newly published book "October in the Earth" in three days, because I loved it. We talk all about her career, how it started and how she developed her writing skills, the importance of writing poetry, self-motivating, rituals, getting published, self-publishing, planning characters and themes, writing historical fiction, and  some passages I highlighted from her book that I read aloud.

October in the Earth, Olivia Hawker
The Prophet's Wife, Libbie Grant

Ep. 13, Stuntman Tyler Galpin

Tyler Glalpin has been a stuntman since he was a child, apearing in such films and shows as The Highwaymen, Oracle, The Winchesters, Cloak & Dagger, Bad Moms, American Refugee, and over 80 more. We talk about what it takes to become a stuntman, training and martial arts, being lit on fire and attacked by dogs, and much more!

Tyler (L) with Collyn Oquin (R) on the set of The Channel
Tyler with Alejandro Barrios (Chico on Queen of the South tv show)
Tyler on the set of the 2017 Anheuser, Busch Super Bowl commercial
Tyler, his father, and Sam Trammell (L to R) on the set of Going to California about 20 years ago when his father was Sam's stuntman
Tyler as Sam Trammell's stuntman on the set of American Refugee

Ep. 12, Meditation, Metaphysics, Van Life and Sailing with Owen Murphy

Owen Murphy was a teacher in Colorado and living in a van when he decided he wanted to be a sailor, and he made it happen by intentionally making dramatic and irresponsible decisions. We talk about changes, reinventing yourself, meditation, extroversion and introversion, theta healing, finding happiness, controling emotions, the Dalai Lama, drugs and sobriety, spearfishing, books, conformism and authoritarism, and much more.

van life, camper van, living in a van
rock climbing, Owen Murphy
Owen Murphy, dorado, dolphin, fishing, fish
spinnaker, Pacific Seacraft 34, Owen Murphy
Pacific Seacraft 34, sailboat, Owen Murphy

Ep. 11, Peter Swanson, Author 

Peter Swanson is a best-selling author of thriller novels. We talk about developing his writing career, transitioning from hobbiest to professional, writing novels, getting an agent and traditionally published, marketing, routines, imagination, creativity, books, daydreaming, artificial intelligence and Chat GPT, art, classics, advice for writers early in their career, and much more.


Ep. 10, Sober Traveling with the Nomadic Addictt Zac Spowart

Straight talk about addiction and sobriety with sober-travel enthusiast Zac Spowart, aka Nomadic Addictt. He and I are both sober - former alcoholics and drug addicts. We talk about getting and staying sober, sober travel, using travel to get and stay sober, maintaining sobriety, why life is better sober, easy countries to travel as a sboer peron, how and why we got sober, the ins and outs of addiction, withdrawal, substitutes, and much more. 

Zac Spowart, Nomadic Addictt
Zac Spowart, Nomadic Addictt
Zac Spowart, Nomadic Addictt
Zac Spowart, Nomadic Addictt

Ep. 9, Underwater Photographer Marty Snyderman and Diving's New Frontier

Wise Divers, Marty Snyderman
dolphins, Marty Snyderman
Wise Divers, Marty Snyderman
Marty Snyderman

Ep. 8, Paul Trammell: Sobriety, Sailing, and Writing Books

The podcast host, Paul Trammell, shares his vision for the show, what it means to be a dream chaser and an eccentric, and his story of getting sober, redisigning his life, becoming a sailor, and writing books.

Newfoundland, Canada, Windflower, Cartwright 40, sailboat
Windflower, Cartwright 40, sailboat
Windflower, Cartwright 40, Bluewater 40, sailboat,
Windflower, Cartwright 40, The Bahamas
Windflower in a fjord in Newfoundland
sailing to Jamaica, 2021
Windflower in The Bahamas, 2020
Trimming the headsail, The Bahamas, 2023

spearfishing in Panama, 2023

Windflower before I bought her
paddling into a big one in Panama
I-Vibes, band, reggae, Paul Trammell
Panama, surf, Paunch, surfing, Paul Trammell
oil on wood
I-Vibes, band, reggae, Paul Trammell
The Band, I-Vibes

Ep. 7, Filming Giant Surf with Tim Bonython

Tim Bonython has been making surf movies since the 1970's and is now the premier big-wave cinematographer. We talk about the early days of surf cinematography, making and marketing surf movies, working with big-wave surfers, his camera, filming from the back of a jet ski, working at Nazaré, Teahupoo, The Right, and Jaws, staying in shape, training, the Australian Surf Movie Festival, and more.

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Tim Bonython, surf, big wave, Nazare
Tim Bonython, surf, big wave
Tim Bonython, surf, big wave

Ep. 6,  Stephanie Shuldt, Finding Freedom on the Water

Stephanie Shuldt, aka Freediver Steph, left the corporate world to find freedom on the ocean, in a sailboat. She became an expert freediver and spearfisher, and holds 7 world records in spearfishing. We talk about how she made it all happen, how she escaped the rat race and developed a new life on the ocean, roaming free, and harvesting fish with a spear. We also talk about her secrets to success and staying in shape, pivoting when times change, inspiring people, sharks, ciguatera, and much more!


Ep. 5, Emmanuelle Chriqui, The Confidence to Dream

Emmanuelle Chriqui has been an actor since she was a child, and is best known for her roles as Sloan in Entourage, Dalia in Don't Mess with the Zohan, and Lana Lang in Superman and Lois. We talk about developing of her career, getting into character, comedy, behind the scenes and homework, the benefits of having no backup plan, character traits useful to actors, talent, art vs craft, mistakes she avoided in her career, allowing herself to dream, confidence, a day in the life on set, meditation, challenges for women in acting, favorite and least favorite things about acting, staying sharp, and much more!

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Ep. 4, Sam Trammell, Making It as an Actor

Sam is best known for his role as Sam Merlotte in the HBO series True Blood. We talk about childhood visions of being a physicist, getting into acting, Brown Summer Theater, Broadway and Off-Broadway jobs, acting classes, working hard, staying focused, luck, persistance, rejection, staying in and getting out of character, doing accents, moving to Los Angeles, avoiding temptations, drugs, food, professional decisions, job choices, auditions, offers, a typical day on a set, dangers, calling up emotions, alligators, advice for young aspiring actors, and more.


Ep. 3, Justin Ruby, Business and Family

Justin Ruby decided what he wanted out of life at an early age, methodically chased the dream, and caught it. We talk about what he did differently than his peers and competitors that led to his success, the steps he took to build his business, what his routines are now, goal setting and goal monitoring, family time, exercise, self-talk, and much more.

Contact Justin for Commercial Real Estate at 407 865-0311

Ep. 2, Roan and Karrie Poulter, Adventure Traveling

I met Roan and Karrie at a boatyard in St Augusitne when they were getting a small catamaran ready for the great loop. I was surprised to learn that they were not sailors, but that the great loop was one of many adventures they had planned. We talk about setting up and preparing for their dream, riding motorcycles across America, skinny dipping in the Arctic Ocean, travelling the Pan-American highway in a van, sailing the great loop, Mexico, their van, books, and much more.

Ep. 1, Rick Levy, the Sound Between the Silence

Rick has been a professional Musician since the 1960's, playing guitar and managing bands, and author of the book, "High in the Mid-60's." We talk about making people happy through music, the musical optimism of the 1960's, gratitude, getting started as a performing musician, the source of music, psychedelics, transcendental meditation, yoga, avoiding drug addiction, mystical experiences while performing onstage, pottery, James Brown, and much more. 

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