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Ep. 135, David and Nathalie Houston, Catamaran Sailing

I met David and Nathalie in the Ragged Islands, and we quickly became friends. They sail an Outremer 50 catamaran, spearfish, and work smoothly as a team. We talk about catamaran sailing, spearfishing, sailing with children, sea lion invasions, getting along as a couple onboard, and much more.


Ep. 134, Tapio Lehtinen, the Sinking of Asteria

Southern Ocean after rounding the Cape of Good Hope. We talk about preparing for the race, windvanes, sail configurations, wildlife encounters,  the sinking of his boat, the rescue, and his journey on the cargo ship Darya Gayatri.

Ep. 133, Elliott Smith, Post GGR

Elliott Smith recently competed in the 2022 Golden Globe Race, in which he sailed from France to Australia, solo, in a Kaiser Gale Force 34. His bowsprit broke near Cape Town, South Africa. He fixed it as best he could without assistance or going ashore (as the rules of the race demand) and continued. The bowsprit broke again in the Southern Ocean, and he retired from the race in Freemantle, Australia. We talk about things he learned in the race, navigating, wildlife, good times and hard times, and much more.

Ep. 132, How to Rescue a Duck in a Storm

I met Jack, along with his wife, 2 kids, a dog, and a duck, in The Bahamas. Along with some great stories, we talk about sailing a ketch, youtube channels, sailing to the Bahamas from NY, engine trouble, Sea Tow, staying calm, bad crew, the ICW, heaving-to, sailing off anchor, docking a full-keel boat, having kids onboard, home-schooling, and much more.

Ep. 131, Simon and Sally Currin, Maine to Providencia

I spoke with Simon and Sally while they were in Providencia, Colombia. We talk about there recent journey from Maine, stopping along the way down the US East Coast, to Cuba, the Cayman Islands, and to Provedencia. Among this and other things, we talk about their electric dinghy motor, Starlink, their lithium battery conversion, Panama, Costa Rica, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, autopilots, insurance, Tapio Lehtinen, The Bahamas, and their South Pacific plans.


Ep. 130, Pat Lawless, Windvane Failure in the GGR

Pat Lawless was racing in the GGR when his windvane self-steering failed and he was forced to retire in Cape Town. We talk about the race, his boat, Cape Town, Lanzarote, Dakar, and more.

Ep 129, The Panama Canal with Erick and Jenny VanMalssen

Erick and Jenny recently transited the Panama Canal in their Downeast 38, Windsong, en route to the Galapagos Islands and French Polynesia. We talk about the logistics of the canal, using an agent, line handlers, insurance, getting a long-stay visa for French Polynesia, the logistics of visiting the Galapagos, and much more.

Panama Canal
Panama Canal
Panama Canal

Ep. 128, Christian Lobel, Saga 47 Swan

I met Christian in Hare Bay, a fjord in the uninhabited central south coast of Newfoundland, Canada. He continued on from there to the Azores and Europe. He runs Saga 47 Swan Sailing, an Offshore and Coastal Adventure Sailing business. We talk about his boat, his adventures, running a charter business, and more.

Saga47Swan, Swan 47

Ep 127, David Hows, Ocean Sailing Expeditions, Part 2

Ep. 126, David Hows, Ocean Sailing Expeditions, Part 1

David Hows is the host of the Ocean Sailing Podcast and owner of Ocean Sailing Expeditions. We talk about his adventures sailing in the southern hemisphere, his 72' steel cutter, the Sydney Hobart Race, running a sailing charter business, and much more.

Silver Fern

Ep. 125, Chris Stanmore-Major,  Part 2

Ep. 124, Chris Stanmore-Major,  Part 1

Sailing an open 60, heavy weather, sailing an 80' maxi, singlehanding big boats, Chris' podcasts "The Mariner" and "The Mariner's Library," approaching a new coast, cruising vs racing, The Global Solo Challenge, developing mental endurance, Cape Horn, favorite moments at sea, developing cold-water tolerance, and more!

Ep. 123, The Curse of Cortes, Guy Morris

Guy Morris is a sailor and an author. We talk about sailing around Los Angeles and Catalina, running aground, running a charter business, sinking at the dock, the pirate Henry Morgan and his lost treasure, Roatan, Mayan mythology, haunted caves, and his book, The Curse of Cortes.

sailboat, Hans Christian 38
sailboat, Hans Christian 38
Darjeeling, a Hans Christian 38

Ep 122, Sailing among the Polar Bears with Veronica Skotnes

Sailing in Norway, staying warm, learning to singlehand, whales, birds, polar bears, dressing for the cold, sailing a ketch, anchoring, ghost stories, photography, and more.

Veronica Skotnes, Artic, Sailing, sailboat
Veronica Skotnes, Artic, Sailing, sailboat91 (2).jpg
Veronica Skotnes, Artic, Sailing, sailboat
Veronica Skotnes, Artic, Sailing, sailboat
Veronica Skotnes, Artic, Sailing, sailboat
Veronica Skotnes, Artic, Sailing, sailboat

Ep. 121, Hydrovane's Will and Sarah Curry

I bought my Hydrovane in 2020 and recently met Will Curry at the Annapolis Boat Show. Will is the Director of Sales and Sarah is the Direcrtor of Marketing for Hydrovane. We talk about moving onto a bigger boat, catamaran vs monohull sailing, the South Pacific, putting a Hydrovane on a catamaran, limitations and advantages of the Hydrovane, using a tiller pilot with the Hydrovane, orcas, the GGR, Elliot Smith, Damien Guillou, details about setting course with they Hydrovane, the importance of a whisker pole, downwind sailing, using the Hydrovane and an electronic AP at the same time, storm tactics, and more.

Ep. 120, Shipwrecked in the Canaries, Guy deBoer

Guy was racing in the 2022 Golden Globe Race until he fell asleep after being up for 30 hours and ended up on the rocks in the Canary Islands. We talk about the crash and its causes, his solo sail from the USA to France, the race, a near collision with a fishing boat, lessons learned from the race, radio communications, navigation, being alone, damage and repairs to his boat Spirit (a Tashiba 36), relationships with the other racers, who's going to win, future plans, and more.

shipwreck, canary islands, tashiba 36, Guy deBoer, GGR
Guy deBoer's boat, Spirit, a Tashiba 36, shipwrecked in the Canary Islands
shipwreck, canary islands, tashiba 36, Guy deBoer, GGR
shipwreck, canary islands, tashiba 36, Guy deBoer, GGR
shipwreck, canary islands, tashiba 36, Guy deBoer, GGR
shipwreck, canary islands, tashiba 36, Guy deBoer, GGR
shipwreck, canary islands, tashiba 36, Guy deBoer, GGR

Ep. 119, Adventures in Maritime Canada, Alan Creaser

I met Alan in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in June of 2022. He sailed soon after to Sable Island and Newfoundland with John Kretschmer. We talk about sailing, radar, safety, fog, Sable Island, passage planning, reefing, marine traffic, a shipwreck he was involved in, commercial fishing, Lunenburg, Tapio Lehtinen's sinking ship, and much more.

Quetzal, Kaufman 47
Quetzal, Kaufman 47
John Kretschmer's boat Quetzal
Sable Island, Canada, John Kretschmer
landing on Sable Island
Alan Creaser, John Kretschmer
Alan Creaser and John Kretschmer
horses, sable island, canada
Sable Island horses

Ep. 118,Exploring the Fjords on the South Coast of Newfoundland, Paul Trammell talking to the NFCC

This is a talk I gave to the North Florida Cruising Club about my journey to Newfoundland. I talk about sailing, anchoring, fishing, and hiking in the south coast fjords, as well as the sail there and back to Florida.

Ep. 117, Peter Gibbons-Neff, Class Mini

Peter is preparing for the 2023 Mini Transat. We talk about the Class Mini, the Mini Transat, racing vs cruising, buying a mini, lithium batteries, autopilots, sleep, hallucinations, foul weather gear, taking notes to improve performance, weather, running rigging, Patriot Sailing, safety, helmets, training, orcas, and more.

PGN Marine Pic(1).jpeg
MAP Start 2022 PGN_2.jpg
SAS Race.jpeg
Map Start 2022 PGN.jpg
Mini Fastnet Race 2022.jpg

Ep. 116, Ronnie Simpson, Global
Solo Challenge

I met Ronnie at the Annapolis Boat Show. We talk about his Open 50, Sparrow; fears; the Southern Ocean; the Vendee Globe; the community of sailors; and much more

Ronnie Simpson
  • Instagram
Ronnie Simpson, ronniesimpsonracing, open 50, sailing, sailboat
Sparrow, Ronnie's open 50, which he will sail solo, around the world, nonstop, in the Global Solo Challenge

Ep. 115, Matt Rutherford 2, Greenland

Matt took his Bruce Roberts 650 on her maiden voyage to Greenland last summer. We talk about research, robots, his boat, glaciers, fjords, climate change, creating a global fleet of sailing research vessels, the shakedown cruise to Greenland, heaters, his upcoming book, and much more.


Ep 114, Annapolis Boat Show

During my time at the Annapolis Boat Show, I interviewed many of the vendors of innovative products, some worthy non-profits, and one Global Solo Challenge racer.

Pelagic Autopilots
JB Langley, Altus, rain jacket
Scanmar, Monitor, rudder
Scanmar, anchor rescue
Anchor Rescue from Scanmar
Altus rainjacket from JB Langley
Rainman, watermaker
Rainman, watermaker
Rainman watermakers
AGM batteries, Lifeline,
Blu3, hooka, tankless dive
Digital Yacht
Battle Born, Lithium batteries
tankless dive system from Blu3

Ep. 113, William Croxford, Global Solo Challenge

William is an entrant in next year's Global Solo Challenge, a nonstop solo circumnavigation race. We talk about foul weather gear, safety, his Carroll Marine Frers 45, green energy, solar panels, batteries, hydrogen technology, the race, heavy weather, and more.

Frers 45, Echo Zulu, William Croxford, sailboat
Frers 45, Echo Zulu, William Croxford, sailboat
Frers 45, Echo Zulu, William Croxford, sailboat
Frers 45, Echo Zulu, William Croxford, sailboat

Ep. 112, LaMaurice Gardner, Global Solo Challenge


LaMaurice is the youngest entrant in the Global Solo Challenge, a solo circumnavigation race that starts next year. He will be sailing in his Caliber 33, a cruising sailboat. We talk about is sailing history, his boat, preparations for the race, goals, fears, safety, training, and more.

Ep. 111, Aaron Erwine, Guatemala, Roatan, San Blas

Ep. 110, Kiana Weltzien 2, Atlantic Crossing

Crossing the Atlantic in her Wharram Catamaran, heaving-to in heavy weather, The Azores, the Canary Islands, anchoring, customs, dancing all night, sheet-to-tiller self-steering, meeting Elliot Smith during his Golden Globe Race, chasing dreams, books, writing, finding motivation, an more!

Kiana with Elliot Smith in the background
crossing the Atlantic
Kiana talking to Elliot Smith in Lanzarote during his GGR campaign

Ep. 109, Ambre Hasson, Diving Headfirst into Sailing

Ambre Hasson
Ambre Hasson
Ambre Hasson, Bristol 29, sailboat
Bristol 29
Ambre's Bristol 29
Inside Ambre's boat

I discovered Ambre when she was helping GGR entrant Elliot Smith prepare for the race. We talk about learning to sail, cruising, the community of sailors. Ambre's Bristol 29, autopilots (or not), helping GGR skipper Elliot Smith, the Bahamas, her mini, the Mini Transat, and much more.

mini transat
Ambre's Mini
mini transat, sailboat
mini transat, sailboat

Ep. 108, Ike Bartlett

Ike has family roots in the Newfoundland outport of Grand Bruit, which I visited this summer. We talk about Grenada, his Gulfstar 53, VHF radios, safety, taking boyscouts sailing, the abandonment of Newfoundland outports, the collapse of the cod fishery, Grand Bruit, relationships and personal growth from sailing, nomadic living, and more.

Gulfstar 53

C&C 40
C&C 40
Gulfstar 53

Ep. 107, Canada Update 4

More fjords and anchorages along Newfoundland's south coast, shipwrecks around Isle Aux Morts, sailing south to Nova Scotia, and the Golden Globe Race

Facheu Bay, fjord, Allen Cove, Canada, Newfoundland
Allen Cove, Facheu Bay
Blow Me Down, cliff, Devil Bay, Canada, Newfoundland
Blow Me Down cliff
Isle Aux Morts, Canada, Newfoundland
Isle Aux Morts
Devil Bay, fjord, Canada, Newfoundland
Devil Bay
Devil Bay, Fjord, Canada, Newfoundland
Grand Bruit, outport, Canada, Newfoundland
Grand Bruit
caribou, Grand Bruit, Canada, Newfoundland
caribou at Grand Bruit

Ep. 106, Elliot Smith, Golden Globe Race

I spoke with Elliot who was in La Sables D'Olonne, France, just two days before the start of the 2022 Golden Globe Race. We talk about his race preparations, his boat, his team, and much more.


Ep. 105, Adventureman Dan, Bahamas 2022

The Bahamas, the last refit of Adventurbourne, boat blisters, deck paint, Seawater Pro watermaker, lithium batteries, sprouting, sharks, spearfishing, and hurricanes.

Ep. 104, Tapio Lehtinen, GGR 2022

Tapio is preparing to sail around the world in the Golden Globe Race, which starts in September. He did the same race in 2018 and finished fifth, out of 18 starters and only five finishers. We talk about his boat, the race, dealing with difficulties and staying positive, wildlife encounters, his new windvane, bottom paint, and the book I co-wrote with him, Ari Pusa, and Barry Pickthall, "On a Belt of Foaming Seas," about the 2018 race.

Asteria passing the Canary Islands in the 2018 GGR
Asteria reefed down to the fourth reef
Tapio with Cape Horn barely visible in the background
Tapio 2.jpg
Galiana, Tapio's Swan 55 to be sailed in the OGR in 2023

Ep. 103 Jonathan Fulford, Labrador and Newfoundland

Jonathan sails a Bristol Chanel Cutter and recently sailed to northern Labrador, and was circumnavigating Newfoundland when I interviewed him. We talk about his boat, safety, survival suits, finding anchorages in uncharted territory, sailing in Labrador and Newfoundland, whales, birds, fishing, and more.


Ep. 102, Canada Update 3, Newfoundland

In this second update from Newfoundland, I discuss anchorages in the Bay d'Espoir, hiking, fishing, fake waterfalls, getting a fishing license, new anchoring techniques, falling rocks, swarms of hungry bloodsucking bugs, and I answer questions from Patreon patrons.

Windflower at Cul de Sac
The site of the abandoned outport at Great Jervis Harbor
lines of the stern at Cul de Sac
a fake waterfall
a real waterfall

Ep. 101, Phillip Sax, The Channels of Southern Chile

Phillip Sax spent a year sailing in and exploring the islands and channels in and around the Beagle Channel and the Straits of Magellan, in Southern Chile. We talk about his experiences there, navigating, anchoring, sailing, fishing, etc. At the end, we also talk about The Bahamas, which I am always happy to do!

Ness, a modified Tahiti Ketch
the manual windlass

Planning for my passage from The Bahamas to St Augustine Florida, including stowing the dinghy on deck, preparing the boat for passage, my go-bag, weather, navigation, and sleep.


Ep. 100, Canada Update 2, Newfoundland!

Discussing my time in Nova Scotia, from Lunenberg through the Bras d'Or Lake, and Newfoundland, particularly the fjords on the south coast.

Deadmans Cove, La Hune Bay
Deadmans Cove, La Hune Bay
Dollard Brook, with moose
Sandy Point, in Hare Bay, West Arm
Hare Bay, East Arm looking South
Entering Cape La Hune Bay in the fog
Windflower in Aviron Bay, looking West
Windflower in Aviron Bay, looking East
Fishing boats in Hermitage

Ep 99, Canada Update 1

A documentation of my journey from Snow Island, Maine, to Tenants Harbor; to Rockland; to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Canada; to Rogues Roost, and my first stop in the 100 wild Islands - Wolfes Island.

the Zwicker dock, Lunenberg
Quetzal, John Kretschmer's boat
Rogues Roost
Windflower at Rogues Roost
fishing boat at Wolfes Island

Ep. 98, Capt. Phil Watson of the
Bluenose II

The Bluenose II is a 161' schooner based out of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is a replica of the original Bluenose, a Grand Banks fishing and racing schooner, and possibly the most iconic boat in North America. We talk about the boat's history, construction, operation, and passages. We also talk about the crew, how they get the positions, what skills they develop, and what their lives are like, and much more.

blue20605 (2).jpg

Ep. 96 and 97, The Wayward Travelers 3

Roan and Karrie have completed their Bahamas season, and thus wrapped up their sailing adventure, which was one of many. We talk about The Bahamas, Georgetown, fishing, food, culture, unforgetable experiences, and much more.

the Hopetown Lighthouse
Hatchet Bay Cave
Jam session at Georgetown
SV Wayward Winds
Emmette of Hatchet Bay
Snappy the turtle

Ep. 95, Guy DeBoer 3

In this third interview with Guy DeBoer, we talk about his preparations for the 2022 Golden Globe Race, covering topics like boat preparation, spinnaker poles, electrical generation, sails, food, books, safety, the other competitors, and much more.

Spirit, a Tashiba 36

Ep. 94, Florida to Maine

I just arrived in Maine after my longest solo passage yet, 1200nm, 9 days, St Augustine, Florida to Snow Island, Maine. Here, I talk about the passage, preparation for the passage, some things I learned along the way, the good times and the hard times, and where I'm going next.

Royal Robbins jacket, Hydrovane self-steering windvane
my new spinnaker pole
Full moon sailing
This is how I spend most of my time
Snow Island, Maine

Ep 93, Shawna Reed, Giving up Life on Land and Becoming a First Mate

Having no previous sailing experience, Shawna moved onto a 35' sailboat with her partner, gave up her land-based life, and sailed away to the Caribbean. We talk about sacrifices, learning to sail, dealing with fear, cutting ties to land, family, career, experiencing new cultures, making new friends, staying clean, getting along with each other, and more.

Ep. 92, Alex Teeft, Nova Scotia

Alex is a sailor and boat-builder who lives near the 100 Wild Islands Wilderness of Nova Scotia, Canada. We talk about sailing in Nova Scotia, fishing, the climate, the cruising season, surfing, wildlife, bugs, fog, dealing with the cold, the Bras d'Or Lake, and more.


Ep. 91, Nini Champion and Lisa Roland

Nini and Lisa are preparing to row across the Atlantic Ocean in a 27' rowboat in the 2022 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. We talk about their mission, motivation, the boat, food, water, getting past fear, their training, the team, wildlife risks, and much more.

Nini Edit.png
Nini Champion
Lisa Edit.png
Lisa Roland
The boat they intend to buy

Ep. 90, Dr. Dustin Welbourne Part 2

Ep. 89, Dr. Dustin Welbourne, Ecology for Cruising Sailors

Dr Welbourne is both scientist and cruising sailor. We talk about solar panels, lithium batteries, camera traps, sharks, bearded fire worms, The Bahamas, coral reef ecology, sea-level rise, and more. This is part one, part 2 comes out next week.


Ep. 87 and 88, John Kretschmer, Author and Offshore Sailing Guru

John Kretschmer is the author of 7 sailing nonfiction books and is the host of serious offshore training passages and bluewater sailing workshops. We talk about sailing in the Caribbean, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, bugs, bears, the Golden globe Race, his boat Quetzal - a Kaufman 47, offshore sailboat design, keels, rudders, reefing, staysails, safety, celestial navigation, books, writing,and much more.

Ep. 86, Kiana Weltzien, Solo Sailing a Wharram Catamaran

Kiana is an incredibly brave and competent young woman who sails solo aboard a 1971 Wharram Catamaran. We talk about developing the dream to sail away, learning to sail, finding her boat, sailing across the Caribbean Sea, sailing across the Atlantic, avoiding hurricanes, microplastics, bravery, the benefits of a Wharram, and much more.

Mara Noka
PHOTO-2022-04-04-13-24-50 2.jpg
Marn Noka and Ontong Java
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