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I'm Launching a Newsletter!

Though I am naturally averse to marketing, a newsletter is something every author must have, so I am starting one, and I aim to make it infrequent, entertaining, and valuable, both for you and me.

As soon as you sign up, and then every month, I'll send you a free short story.

I will also use the newsletter to announce new book launches, offers to pre-read and comment on books I am working on, new adventures I am setting up, and more.

So, you might be thinking, why? What's the catch? Let me be frank. What I am hoping to gain from the newsletter, specifically, is feedback and reviews. I will be offering those who sign up the opportunity to pre-read books I am working on, before I publish them. Not only will the feedback be helpful, but I also hope that those who pre-read my books will post reviews on Amazon in the first week of the book launch.

Early reviews are crucial to a book's success. Not only do they help get the ball rolling for sales, they also tell Amazon's algorithm that people are interested in the book, and this gets the book more exposure.

So, you get a free short story every month, the opportunity to pre-read my books, and the opportunity to influence my books and book covers, and I get feedback and early reviews of new books. That's what's up!

You can unsubscribe any time, and I will not send the newsletter often enough to be a bother - probably only once a month. If you've read this far, please enter your email above and click "subscribe."
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