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sailboat Windflower
Windflower, when I bought her in Massachusetts, October, 2019
sailboat Windflower
sailboat Windflower
sailboat Windflower
Sailing Windflower to the Chesapeake Bay, Fall 2019.
The dinghy, Little Flower, is strapped to the deck.
sailboat Windflower
sailboat Windflower, davits, dinghy
Little Flower, painted red, hangs from the new davits, before the solar panels were installed
sailboat Windflower, Paul Trammell, sailing
the new bimini, from above, Gloucester Point, VA
sailboat Windflower, hatches
installing new hatches
sailing from Gloucester Point, VA, to Beaufort, NC, December, 2019
sailboat Windflower, sailing, dinghy, cutter rig
sailing from Beaufort, NC, to Eleuthera, The Bahamas, December 26, 2019 to January 1, 2020
sailboat Windflower, sunset
sunset, Beaufort, NC
sailboat, Windflower, sailing
sailboat, Windflower, sunset, sailing, ocean
sailboat, Windflower, sunset, ocean
sailboat, Windflower
Windflower anchored at Meeks Patch, Eleuthera, January, 2020
sailboat, dinghy, Little Flower, Hatchet Bay, Paul Trammell
sailboat, Windflower, Paul Trammell
up the mast at Spanish Wells
sailing Little Flower at Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera
sailboat, Windflower, Fowl Cay, The Bahamas
Windflower at Fowl Cay, the Abacos
sailboat, Windflower, Double Breasted Cay, The Bahamas
anchored in the slough at Double Breasted Cay, the Abacos
April, 2020
on the hard at the Oasis Boatyard in St Augustine, FL, May, 2020
sailboat, Windflower
Windflower, Cartwright 40, Bahamas, Hopetown, Abacos, Elbow Key, Lighthouse
Windflower, Cartwright 40, Bahamas, Hatchet Bay
Windflower after the 2020 refit, in the Bahamas, winter, 2021. Notice the radar is now up on the mast, no longer shading the solar panels, and the addition of the Hydrovane.
Windflower, Cartwright 40, Bahamas
Crooked Island
Hatchet Bay
Devil Bay, Newfoundland
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