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Season 2

Episode 1: Bahamas Update, Paul Trammell

Bahamas covid requirements for sailors, my passage to The Bahamas and my first two weeks here, anchorages, spearfishing, surfing, and future plans

sailing, sailboat, sunrise
lobster, Paul Trammell Bahamas
Paul Trammell, sailing, ocean, Hydrovane
Bahamas, Hopetown, lighthouse
coral reef, elkhorn coral, Bahamas

Ep. 2 Bahamas Update 2

Another update of my activities in The Bahamas, including places I anchored, reefs I dove, adventures, and spearfishing. I also include a discussion of how I use my AIS when I encounter multiple ships at sea, communicating with such ships, and a long discussion of this topic that I took from a very informative Facebook post.

Ep 3. Erick and Jenny VanMalssen 2, Bahamas Adventures

This is my second interview with the sailing couple Erick and Jenny VanMalssen.  We discuss the cruising life, freediving, spearfishing, surfing from a sailboat, lessens learned while living aboard, and various locations in The Bahamas.

Hopetown, lighthouse, sailboat, Downeaster 38, Downeast 38
Erick VanMalssen, surfing, Elbow Cay
Erick and Jennifer VanMalssen, Bahamas, beach
Erick VanMalssen, mutton snapper,

Ep. 4, Bahamas Update 3

Surfing Egg Reef, sailing to Harbor Island, spearfishing at Man Island, sailing back to Egg Island, rowing through Current Cut, sailing to Great Harbor Cay

Current Settlement anchorage, The Bahamas
dinghy, Cape Cod MK 9, Current Settlement dinghy dock
Current Settlement dinghy dock
Current Settlement anchorage
Egg Reef surf
porta bote, Egg Reef, surfers
Egg Reef
Royal Island Harbor, sunset
Royal Island Harbor sunset
iguana, Man Island, The Bahamas
iguana at Man Island

Ep. 5, Andy and Leslee Fiveland and the Dolphin Parade

I met this friendly couple in Great Harbor Cay, The Bahamas, where we were both waiting out some weather. I anchored in front of their grey steel Bruce Roberts 53 and was pleased to meet such a fun couple. Andy, like myself, is an ex-performing musician turned sober sailor.

We discuss building a steel boat, sailing in the north, dressing for the cold, tenacity, lessons learned, safety, escaping covid, hank-on sails, sailing a big boat without working too hard, communications, using a lead-line, sailing sober, and much more.

Samuel Fiveland, SV Samuel Fiveland, Bruce Roberts 53
Andrew Fiveland, Leslee Fiveland
Samuel Fiveland, SV Samuel Fiveland, Bruce Roberts 53, steel boat, Great Harbor Cay
SV Samuel Fiveland

Ep. 6, The Sailing and Spiritual Journeys of Dr Chris Vonderheide

crossing the Gulf Stream in 25 knots North, nearly drowning while clearing a net off the rudder, petting wild dolphin while underway, electronics, communicating with ships, running aground in The Bahamas and nearly sinking, whale strike, Bermuda Triangle incident, remora attack, sailing alone offshore, letting go of fear and just being, spritualism, meditation, abandoning dualistic thinking

catamaran, St Francis 44, Hatchet Bay
SV Atlas

Ep. 7, PunkRock Carl, a Modern Sailing Vagabond

Carl Schultz is a bike messenger from New York City, sailing, now on his fourth sailboat, in The Bahamas. He has many interesting and unique stories from a perspective that many of us are unfamiliar with, such as living in New York on a sailboat in the winter, losing the mast at the beginning of a passage, being "rescued" when rescue was not desired, seeing a missile launch from the water at night, and saving enough money to go cruising in The Bahamas on a bike messenger's budget. This was recorded at the dinghy dock in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, The Bahamas, with plenty of authentic background sounds (hopefully not too much!). Enjoy!

shipman 29, sailboat, Hatchet Bay
shipman 29, sailboat, Hatchet Bay

Ep. 8, Dr Chris Vonderheide 2, Gales and Temerity

This episode is a second interview with Dr. Vonderheide, during which he describes a gale in the Gulf Stream and his first offshore passage, at the beginning of which he had no sailing experience.

Dr. Chris Vonderheide

Ep. 10, Bahamas Update 4

Sailing to Eleuthera from the Berry Islands, Hatchet Bay, surfing, capsizing the dinghy, sailing out of Hatchet Bay, Sailing from Eleuthera to Cat Island, spearing a big mutton snapper, a tiger shark comes to the boat, sailing from Cat Island to Long Cay, surfing again, spearing a tiger grouper, future sailing plans

mutton snapper
mutton snapper at Cat Island
Long Cay, The Bahamas, sailing
Long Cay
tiger grouper, Long Cay, The Bahamas
Tiger Grouper at Long Cay

Ep. 11, Bahamas Update 5

Long Cay, Crooked Island, sailing to Great Inagua, sleeping as a singlehander, Man O War Bay, Matthew Town, future plans

Margate speared at Man O War Bay, Great Inagua
Windflower, Matthew Town, Bahamas
Windflower at Matthew Town
Windflower, sailboat, Landrail Point, The Bahamas
Windflower at Landrail Point, Crooked Island
Landrail Point Boat Harbor
Landrail Point Boat Harbor
Paul Trammell, Hydrovane
Me and Heavy D

Ep. 12, Peter Lawless, Preparing for a Solo Nonstop Circumnavigation

Peter is an Irish sailor who has been, for the last five years, preparing his boat, Waxwing, a Rival 41, for a solo nonstop circumnavigation via the Southern Ocean and the five great capes. We talk about his preparations, foul weather gear, heavy weather strategy, safety gear, provisioning, wildlife, and sailing in general.

Rival 41
Peter Lawless
Peter Lawless
Rival 41
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