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Journey to Newfoundland, 2022

Cartwright 40
Cartwright 40 stats
Cartwright 40 stats
Windflower is a 1972 Cartwright 40
Maritime Canada Map
Maritime Canada
map, Newfoundland, fjords
Newfoundland's South Coast
Windflower, sailboat
1)  A view from Windflower's cockpit as we depart St Augustine, FL
Rogue's Roost, Nova Scotia
2) Rogue's Roost, Nova Scotia
Deadman's Cove, Cape La Hune, La Hune Bay, fjord, Newfoundland
3) Deadman's Cove, La Hune Bay, Newfoundland
Aviron Bay, fjord, Windflower, Newfoundland
4) Aviron Bay
Hare Bay, fjord, Morgan's Arm, Newfoundland
5) Hare Bay, aka Morgan's Arm, facing south from the head of the fjord
Francois, Newfoundland
6) Francois
Hermitage, Newfoundland
7) Fishing boats in Hermitage
outport, Great Jervis Harbor, Newfoundland
8) Looking south from the abandoned outport of Great Jervis Harbor
waterfall, Newfoundland, North Bay,
9) Waterfall in North Bay
Little Cullier Bay, Bay d'Espoir, Newfoundland
10) Windflower at Little Cullier Bay
Cul d' Sac, Cul de Sac, Bay d'Espoir, Newfoundland
11) Cul d'Sac
Windflower, Newfoundland, Cul d'Sac, Bay d'Espoir
12) Two anchors forward and two lines going ashore at Cul d'Sac
13) Lakes on the plateau above Facheau Bay
Newfoundland, Devil Bay, fjord, Windflower
14) Windflower at Devil Bay
Blow Me Down, cliffs, Devil Bay, Newfoundland
15) Looking down on the entrance to Devil Bay
blow me down, cliff, Newfoundland, Devil Bay
16) Blow Me Down cliff in Devil Bay
Grand Bruit, Newfoundland
17) The abandoned outport of Grand Bruit
caribou, Newfoundland
18) Grand Bruit's only permanent resident
Isle Aux Morts, Newfoundland
19) Isle Aux Morts
Windflower, sailboat, Canada, Isle Aux Morts
20) The public dock at Isle Aux Morts
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