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Editing Services

If you would like help proofreading or editing something you have written, contact me at After looking at a sample, we can discuss the price. My rates are very competitive.

I am also open to co-writing books.

Currently, I am co-writing a book with Tapio Lehtinen about his 2022 Golden Globe Race, in which his boat sank.


In 2022, I published "On a Belt of Foaming Seas," which I co-wrote with Tapio Lehtinen, Ari Pusa, and Barry Pickthall about Tapio's experiences in the 2018 Golden Globe Race.

Below are some works I have edited, and reviews of my editing.

Some works I have edited


Le Grand K

Kristin Durfee


74,605 words


Some Noxx and a few Other Things

Sci Fi

Short story, edited twice

            Thanks Paul, I appreciate all your comments and suggestions, I think the story is much

            better because of your help.

            :) Chip


Kat Mysteries Vol. 1

Veronica Burget

Crime Mystery

30,000 words

            Thanks! I appreciate your suggestions especially with grammar which is not my strongest   suit. Sara’s secret was a red herring. I’ve actually already written the 2nd in the series and          I’m working on the third. It’s the novel I referred to in the post. If you’re interested in         reading that one too I’d be happy to get the feedback. 





Kat Mysteries, Vol2

Crime Mystery

64,021 words

            Your edits were very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to review and edit both of my documents. When I finish my third book in the series I would definitely use you again. 



Revelations, Shadows Fall

Ingrid Wright

YA fantasy/horror

20270 words

            The notes you gave were very helpful. You caught things that I might not have caught until my fourth or fifth revision which saves me time so thank you. Your suggestions for plot and character development were also very helpful and I will definitely take them into account when I go back to add more detail. You do a good job giving constructive feedback without being condescending. Thank you for the time you took reading through this.




A Wizard’s Dream,

Hrvoje Butkovic


134,565 words

Thank you for putting in the time and the effort to edit my lengthy novel with its unconventional writing style. Not only the usual grammar checks, but pointing out all the areas of confusion, modern phrases that don't fit the tone, and even finding a way to improve a crucial scene, have all been invaluable.

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